DrawRace 2 HD

DrawRace 2 HD 1.40

Drive with your finger before the race


  • Realistic driving physics
  • Great driving mechanics
  • Good graphics


  • Takes a long time to open new levels

Very good

DrawRace 2 HD is a racing game that requires players to think before the race.

The major difference in the racing of DrawRace 2 HD and any other racing game is that DrawRace 2 HD requires players to draw out the course for their car before the race begins. Players have to think strategically about the twists and turns of each course before they are matched up against their friends or the computer controlled car.

DrawRace 2 HD uses this gameplay mechanic with a lot of skill. The game does not favor an arcade feel, but actually feels like it attempts to be a real racing title, just with a different mechanic. The cars react to the track, whether it is off-road or an official stadium circuit, with a familiar feel. The different cars of DrawRace 2 HD also change the gameplay as each car has different statistics and uses.

The game feels like a fully realized racing title, just without players driving the cars in real time. Previous knowledge of realistic driving games will give players an edge when they can recognize when to brake and accelerate. DrawRace 2 HD contains the same type of car mechanics. DrawRace 2 HD does not try to be entirely realistic by including a turbo button and jumps for cars.

DrawRace 2 HD includes a lot of different races which are opened by winning gold medals in the various difficulty levels. The game also includes multiplayer for racing with friends. If players want, they can also unlock the entire game via an in-game purchase.

There is a lot of content in DrawRace 2 HD which will last players a long time. The smart learning curve of DrawRace 2 HD will challenge even the most knowledgeable driving game player with the huge number of challenges.

DrawRace 2 HD might play differently, but is one of the best driving games.

DrawRace 2 HD


DrawRace 2 HD 1.40

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